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How is stress incontinence be treated?

Stress incontinence

          Stress incontinence causes the urine leaks out from the bladder all of a sudden when any physical pressure/ stress is applied on the bladder. It can happen during physical exertion like laughing, coughing, sneezing, exercising, heavy lifting, running jumping, etc….  this is not related to psychological stress.

Stress incontinence is very common in women than men. people with severe and moderate stress incontinence may leak urine even for a less forceful activities like standing up, bending over. In some cases, urine may even soak through the inner garments.

Stress incontinence is different from overactive bladder (OAB) or urgency urinary incontinence (UUI). In UUI disorder, people tend to have urgency to urinate at once the bladder is full. The bladder muscle contracts that causes a sudden urge to urinate before you can reach the bathroom. People with OAB may even leak urine when they have that urge to urinate.

            Statistics says that about 1 in 3 women suffer from stress incontinence at some point in their life. Stress incontinence can also worsen as we age. About 1 in 2 women aged 65 and above find themselves leak urine. This is also be seen in few men who have undergone surgery for prostate cancer and pelvic nerve injury.

What causes stress incontinence?

            Stress incontinence occurs when the pelvic floor muscle that controls urine release weakens. this muscle is also called as urethra. For better understanding let us know about the overview of urinary track functionality.

            Normally, kidney cleans our blood and removes waste and excess water from the blood. Then it drains urine down through thin tubes called ureters and pumps the urine to the bladder. Bladder is a balloon like organ which stores urine.  When the bladder is full, the bladder muscle contrasts and squeezes out to release the urine from the bladder. Urethra is the tube that is presented right at the bottom of the bladder. Through this tube, urine exits our body.

Sphincter muscles holds urethra tube to prevent urine to leak out until you are not ready to release the urine. When the sphincter muscle relaxes, bladder contracts and the urination occur. When urethra tube weakens by any chance, it allows the urine to easily pass out from the bladder when any stress is applied on the bladder.

One of the main factors that weakens urethra tube is pregnancy and vaginal child birth. During delivery, pelvic floor muscle may weaken in most of the women and thus makes the urethra tube to lose its hold. Due to this, stress incontinence soon begins after the delivery of child. In some cases, it may occur after few years of delivery. But there are other factors that also contributes in stress incontinence. They are as follows

  • Obese in women also makes urethra tube to weaken
  • Chronic coughing
  • Prostate surgery
  • Extremely high physical activity such as running, jumping, weights lifting for many years.

How can stress incontinence affects a person?

            Many people who have stress incontinence isolate themselves as they are embarrassed about this problem. This can affect their family and sexual relationships. They may not even want to talk about this with their doctors thinking there is no possible solution for this in their lives. Here are some of the disturbances people with stress incontinence face in their day today lives

  • Afraid to go out as they may wet their clothes by any physical activity.
  • Quit exercising and any sport which involves jumping, running constantly.
  • Avoid sex as they feel embarrassed if the leakage happens in front of their partner.
  • Feeling uncomfortable with themselves because of their body condition.
  • Skin irritation due to continues contact of urine with the skin.
  • Completely rely on diapers and pads to be outside for a long time.


            It is not widely known for most of the people that stress incontinence is treatable disorder. there are very effective, modern and painless procedures available which can give relief from the embarrassment they face in day today life. People with stress incontinence find themselves not comfortable to discuss this with anyone. But this has to be discussed openly with the physician so that it can be diagnosed. The symptoms of stress incontinence and the way it is affecting one’s life has to be clearly known to the specialist for better diagnosis.

How is stress incontinence be treated?

            Stress incontinence is treated by a very advanced non-surgical, painless procedure using a device called EXILIS ULTRA FEMME 360°. This machine works with radio frequency (RF) and ultra sound technology. The treatment for stress incontinence takes 4 sessions where the procedure lasts for an hour for each session. It has to be done with an interval of 7 to 10 days. At the third session ‘o’ shot treatment is included along with EXILIS treatment for better results.

Additional sessions may also be needed depending on the response from the patient. Results can be seen right after the first session. There is no downtime for this procedure and patient can walk back home and carry out all their daily activities.


            The main objective of stress incontinence treatment is to improve the quality of your well- being. One can face the world with greater confidence than ever before the treatment for stress incontinence. This will enhance you to explore the world with greater enthusiasm, ease and comfort. Some of the reliefs that u can feel after treatment are as follows

  • You can plan yourself to be anywhere you want without relying on pads or diapers comfortably for a long time.
  • There is no need to have the frequent access to the bathroom in your surroundings you want to visit.
  •  You can plan long journey trips without any hesitation.
  • You can be more confident anywhere even when you are bound to do any physical activity like jumping, running and lifting heavy objects.
  • You can enjoy your quality time with your kids by playing with them becoming a kid yourself.
  • If you have quit exercise because of stress incontinence, you would start working out to stay fit and healthy.
  • This will improve your sex-life as there are no more embarrassments you could face with your partner.
  • You can stay rash free with no skin irritations and infections as there is no constant contact of urine due to leakage

Additional benefit of having ultra femme treatment

  • Gives natural lubrication.
  • Improves vaginal tightening.
  • Rejuvenates vaginal canal.
  • Boosts blood flow to clitoris.
  • Improves orgasm.