Biologics for skin concerns

Treats moderate to severe psoriasis

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Biologics are derived from living cells. These are protein molecules that attach and de-activates inflammatory cells in the body. Biologics targets only specific parts of the immune system. These medicines are given as subcutaneous injections or infused intravenously into the body.

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What are the

Biologics that are used in treating skin diseases?

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What are the advantages of using biologics in psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a skin condition that causes rashes and itchy, scaly patches that form on some areas of the skin. psoriasis is most in areas like the elbow, trunk, knees and scalp.

Biologics like Secukinumab injections are used to treat moderate to severe psoriasis in adult patients whose disease is not controlled by using topical and systemic medications.

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What are the side effects of biologics?

Biologics suppress the immune system and increase the risks of infections.

Pneumonia, UTI (urinary tract infection) and other skin infections are Common infections that affected the persons whose use of biologics can be managed.

Opportunistic infections like Tuberculosis (TB), Hepatitis B and some other fungal infections are also common in people whose immune systems are not working correctly.

What are the uses of

Biologics in skin treatment?

Several biologic agents play vital role in management of patients with

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How many doses should we need?

Patients may need loading doses at 0,1,2,3,4 weeks initially at weekly intervals and monthly doses for 6 months, followed by maintenance doses are required once in 3-6 months.

Should I stop and restart taking biologics?

It is not advisable to stop biologics because these medications may not work well you when restarted.

Does psoriasis can be completely cured?

There is no complete cure for psoriasis, but these injections can make feel better even if you have severe psoriasis. May require maintenance doses to manage flare-ups.

Who should not take biologics?

are not advised to take biologics, until the infection is cured.

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