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The nature of skin keeps changing as we grow older and get ourselves exposed to the sun frequently. This results in some development of skin lesions. This is very common among everyone and is called benign(non-cancerous). Some of them are skin tags, warts, freckles, and moles.

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Skin tags

A skin tag is a small, soft, balloon-shaped benign skin growth connected to the skin by a thin stalk. They are extremely harmless and common among everyone. The main cause of the skin tag is still unknown. But it is commonly seen in people who are obese, women who are in stages of hormonal changes like pregnancy, menopause, and old people.

Skin tags are usually found in the places where the skin gets rubbed very frequently. Some of the common places are armpits, breast areas, eyelids and neck. It usually doesn’t cause any pain.

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How are skin tags removed?

Skin tags can be removed by various methods. Some of the most advanced methods are radio frequency therapy (RF) and laser treatment. These are the methods that involve less pain.

Radio frequency (RF) treatment

Initially, local anesthesia is given around the skin tag. Numbing cream can also be applied if the size of the skin tag is very small. In the radio frequency method, a fine pen-like needle is inserted around the skin. It precisely cuts the skin surrounding the skin tag.

The radiofrequency skin tag removal procedure may take 10 to 20 minutes depending on the size of the skin tag and the cooperation of the patient. An anti-bacterial cream is to be applied for the next 3 to 5 days on the treated lesion

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Laser skin tag removal

This method is a little advanced when compared to RF treatment. With this method, larger lesions can also be removed very easily. The amount of time taken for the procedure and healing is less when compared to radio frequency (RF) skin tag removal

To carry out this treatment, initially, local anesthesia is given either by applying a numbing cream or through an injection around the skin tag. Laser light is passed on the skin tag in the form of light and heat and in turn, burns the surface of the skin tag attached to the skin.

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Warts are formed by a virus called human papillomavirus (HPV). When skin is exposed to this virus, skin cells present in the skin gets infected. This makes the skin cells start to grow rapidly. This virus is contagious and so it can be spread from person to person easily. Wart infections are usually spread by sharing towels, razors and other self-care items.

How are warts removed?

Warts can be removed either by radio frequency or by laser RF surgery, radio waves are used to remove the wart from the skin whereas in laser treatment, laser light is passed in a form of light and heat to cut off the wart from the skin.


Freckles are just pigment cells, that are commonly appeared due to exposure to the sun. They are red or brown in colour. They are not harmful. When melanin in the skin is overproduced, freckles are formed. Melanin is an element mainly responsible for skin and hair colour pigmentation. The common cause of the overproduction of melanin is UV radiation from the sun.

How are freckles treated?

Freckles are treated by removing the pigmented layer of freckles from the skin. This can be done by radio frequency or by laser light treatment. The treated skin will be peeled off from the skin in a week time.


Moles are formed by melanocytes. These are the cells that grow in cluster instead of being spread throughout the skin. These cells are responsible to give color to the skin.

How moles are removed from the skin

Moles can be removed by cutting off the surface of the skin present on the moles. Moles that are bigger in size also needs sutures.

What are the

Side effects involved in skin tags, moles, freckles removal?

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