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Stretch marks are scars that appear due to excessive stretching of skin due to weight gain, pregnancy, rapid growth of muscles, or repeated use of steroid creams. This sudden expansion of skin causes abrupt changes in collagen and elastin to rupture. As the skin heals stretch marks may appear in skin.

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What are the available treatments for stretch marks?

Stretch marks can be treated using a combination of cosmetic treatments like MNRF, PRP, fractional co2 laser


MNRF is an effective minimally invasive technique which stimulates the production of collagen in the underlying layers of the skin dermis.

It rejuvenates the skin with minimal risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. It also improves skin texture and sagginess.

The RF energy is delivered into the deeper layers of skin up to 7mm using small needles. The heat produced through the needles stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis resulting in skin tightening.

This treatment allows faster healing and

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How is stretch marks procedure done?

  1. First topical numbing cream is applied over the target area for 45 minutes prior to the procedure.
  2. RF energy is delivered at deserved depth up to 7 mm via small needles using a disposable tip.
  3. The depth of the needle is precisely controlled by the doctor and the process is continued till the target area is completed.

After completing the MNRF treatment, PRP which is prepared using the patient’s own blood is injected into the target area.

Then fractional co2 laser beam is passed throughout the area, stimulating new collagen and elastin in the skin, thus helping in repairing the scar tissue.

What are the

Advantages of stretch marks procedure?

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Non-surgical and Non-invasive.

No Downtime@300px

Minimal downtime and Quick treatment sessions.

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Safe and effective.


Long-lasting results.

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Is it a painful procedure?

You may feel mild discomfort during the procedure it will reduce in 1-2hours after the procedure.

Can we remove stretch marks permanently?

These treatments make the stretch marks less noticeable, like any scar it is not possible to remove it completely.

How much time should i need for a session?

It will take around 1-2hours for a session.

How many treatments should i need to remove stretch marks?

You may require 4-6sessions at an interval of 25-45day

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