Permanent makeup

Involves creation of your favourite makeup looks

Change to a better version of your look.

Permanent makeup is a cosmetic procedure that involves the creation of your favourite makeup looks. It is also known as micro pigmentation where regular tattooing is used to recreate eyebrows shapes (micro-balding), lip colouring, eye liner etc.,

 The tattoo ink used in traditional tattoos is very much concentrated and they remain permanently on the skin. These are semi-permanent tattoos which may fade by the time being because in this permanent makeup technique the pigments are applied in superficial layers of skin as the body eventually metabolizes the pigment until it fades away.

Permanent makeup
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How permanent makeup can be done?

First, a numbing cream is applied over the skin 45mins prior to the procedure where the tattoo is to apply. After cleaning the anesthetic cream tattoo pigment is applied using a small tool which has several tiny needles. Generally, pigment is applied over the skin in two passes. After completing the initial pass patient should wait for about 30 minutes to take another pass of the tattoo.

In micro-blading (eyebrow tattoo) these pigments are applied precisely like hair strokes, giving the illusion of real hair.

What are the

Benefits of permanent makeup?

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Reduces spending on makeup.

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Boosts self-confidence.

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No maintenance

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Great option for people having allergic reactions to regular makeup products.

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Gives relief from morning hurry and Save’s a lot of time.

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Gives picture perfect look even when you are swimming, sleeping or exercising.

Get to know What

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How much time it will take to get Permanent makeup?

It takes around 1-2 hours, depending on the tattoo size.

Does Permanent makeup hurt?

Permanent makeup is painless procedure but, some people may feel little discomfort. it depends on the pain threshold of patient.

How long does the permanent makeup last?

Permanent makeup can last up to 18-30months, you may require to touch up sessions once in 6–12 months.

Is it possible to remove Permanent makeup?

Yes. It is absolutely possible to remove permanent makeup using lasers. It will take around 2-3 laser sessions in monthly intervals to remove it completely.

What are the

Side effects of permanent makeup?

Dr Sajjas
Dr Sajjas
Dr Sajjas
Why choose Dr. Sajjas

Why choose Dr. Sajja’s for​ Permanent makeup?

DR. SAJJA’S skin and laser clinic have introduced this revolutionary innovative technique in this region and the treatment is alone by the most experienced and qualified therapists. Get the best Permanent makeup treatment in Tirupati only from Dr.Sajjas.

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