Vitiligo Surgery

Re-pigment the white patches

Change to a better version of your skin.

Vitiligo surgery is a Cosmetic procedure to re-pigment the white patches through skin grafting which is usually performed in stable vitiligo patients.

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What are the

Benefits of Vitiligo Surgery?

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Offers a permanent cure in stable & resistant segmental vitiligo patients

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Alleviates psychosocial distress to lead a healthy, social & married life

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Excellent results over cosmetic & intimate areas like face, extremities & genitals.

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Which are the available surgical techniques?

  • Suction blister grafting
  • Ultrathin split thickness skin grafting
  • Cultured or non-cultured melanocyte/keratinocyte transfer

What are the

Recommendations for post-surgery care?

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How many sessions are required?

Usually, a single session lasts for 2-4 hrs depending on the size of the white patches.

Which treatment is a better option?

Vitiligo surgery followed by phototherapy with laser is evolving in conjunction with topical & oral medication.

What are the

Possible side effects?

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Why choose Dr. Sajjas

Why choose Dr. Sajja’s for​ Vitiligo Surgery?

DR. SAJJA’S skin and laser clinic have introduced this revolutionary innovative technique in this region and the treatment is alone by the most experienced and qualified therapists. Get the best Vitiligo Surgery treatment in Tirupati only from Dr.Sajjas.

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