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Scar forms due to the natural healing of damaged skin for different reasons like infection surgery, injuries, and inflammation. A scar is composed of fibrous tissue. Scars may appear anywhere in the body and they may appear flat, lumpy and atrophic(sunken). The scars may be painful or itchy.

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What are the

Benefits of laser scar removal?

No downtime

Minimal or No downtime


Pain free treatment

Sessions you can go back to your work immediately after the session


Simple minimally invasive procedures

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Scar Treatment Method

Surgical scar revision

Scar Revision is a procedure used to remove the appearance of big, uneven scars using simple surgery.

First local anesthesia is given to the target area, your doctor excises the scar using Radiofrequency (RF) involves less bleeding.

After removing the scar completely, he sutures the scar precisely with fine medical graded suture materials which makes it less noticeable.

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Recovery period for scar revision

Usually it takes around 1 week to 10 days to heal completely, Avoiding rigorous execise for 2-3 weeks helps the wound to heal faster

What are the

Types of scars?

Get to know What

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What are available treatments for scars?

Scars can be treated using with Laser scar Removal

Fractional Co2 laser

Laser scar removal is a non-surgical procedure that uses a fractional CO2 laser which helps to minimize the appearance of surgical scars on the face and body.

First anesthetic cream is applied over the target area for about 30 minutes prior to the procedure. After cleaning anesthetic cream laser light is passed through the skin.

Fractional Co2lasers break down the scar tissue and stimulate collagen to form new healthy tissue at the site so that the scar becomes even in colour, and texture and blends naturally with the healthy skin.

Patients may require 5-6 sessions over a gap of 1 month for better results.

RF Microneedling (MNRF)

MNRF can be done to acne scars as well as post-surgical scars and traumatic scars. It is a simple, effective and advanced procedure with less pain.

MNRF is a minimally invasive procedure in which fine needles are introduced into the skin deliver the RF (Radio frequency energy) to heat the dermis. RF energy introduced in the skin triggers the formation of new collagen thus forming healthy tissue.

Patients may require 3-4 regular sessions at a gap of 1 month for better results.

What are the

Risk involved scar revision?

Scar Revision surgery is a safe medical procedure with temporary risks like

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Dr Sajjas
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