The following procedures are recommended: Eye peel with Arginine/ Retinol / TCA,Eye mask containing Vit E and sea weed extracts, Use of skin lightening massage in the eye area with Acugel Injection of Hyaluronic Acid in the sunken socket areas, Oral Iron

Treatment recommendations- Lymphatic drainage massage of the area with Acugel : This is a Safe, Painless & Noninvasive ultrasound assisted procedure which uses a electro mechanical energy which penetrates the tissues Very deeply. The energy released into the tissue vibrates mechanically at high frequency. Radiofrequency Eye massage- EXILIS

ExilisExilis is an safe non-evasivetreatment around the eyes that forms new lasting natural collagen, reduces and tightens the skin, lifts the top lid and brow, reduces puffiness or bags under the eyes, and smoothes wrinkles or “crows feet.

Exilis is an excellent alternative to eye treatments that may involve invasive surgical procedures, Botox or fillers, that can cost effective. There are no side effects or pain associated with an Exilis Treatment. The Eyes are the “gateway to the soul” so go ahead and show them off by having an Exilis Treatment.