Our weight loss program is a combination of latest's FDA approved treatments for body contouring, tightening and reshaping with a completely personalized and customized diet programs. First we will take detailed profiling where in you have to share every details of your eating pattern like your food likings, disliking, fasting days and specific eating outs in a week etc. You also have to undergo some basic blood tests (like hormonal profile, lipid, thyroid, LFT, KFT, Insulin) to rule out the reasons of weight gain and any derangements.

Once tests are completed, based on the blood derangements your diets will be planned. Based on your preferences and medical issues we will design a suitable nutritional plan ,there will be constant monitoring of your weight. During the program and even after the program you will get the constant support and motivation. Most of the time weight issues is also related with some emotional stress and in these cases apart from doing dietary modification, strong counseling and motivation is also required. We will give you both medical and psychological support.