​PRP Therapy

PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma. In this, patient’s blood is taken and sent to lab to produce a layer of plasma, rich in platelets and growth factors. Then it is injected into the scalp for hair loss. This process is done under local anaesthesia as pain free. Roller with 1mm fine needles is used to treat the stem cells to increase the blood supply for better hair growth.

PRP works better in patients having hair thinning by any cause including androgenetic alopecia (common baldness). It also to be effective in alopecia areat. It is not effective in complete baldness patients and scarring alopecia. It can be of combination of monoxide, finasteride & hair replacement surgery (hair transplant).

Plasma contains platelets which are numerous in normal blood. It has different growth factors especially PDGF and VEGF. Both these will have major positive effects on hair growth. PRP may actually come round in dormant stem cells in the follicles of regrowth.so thid therapy gives strength to the treated hair, which reduces hair fall and to increase the actual number of hair stimulates stem cells.

Generally hair shaft become thicker and looks more shiny with reduction in hair fall within 4-6 weeks. While regrowth is likely in about 4 months.