Beard & Mustache Hair Transplant

Men, looking to undergo a facial (Beard or Mustache) hair transplant, might be those who have:

• Scars because of any traumaa

• Surgical procedure stitches and marks

• Fire burns or acid hazards burn

• Side-effect of other medical reasons such as cancer

• Scarring caused by conditions such as folliculitis

• Hair loss due to alopecia areata (polygenic disease).

Beard and mustache transplantation uses an extremely advanced and cautious technique. The Beard and Mustache hair transplantation method is very similar to the method used for other hair transplants. First follicular units are harvested using FUE techniques from the supporter area typically back side of the head. The grafts are placed cautiously atthe accurate angle of facial hair growth to attain the prominent natural look.

The short-term post-surgery care is to stay away from shaving for a minimal period of time, till the rooted area gets healed. The immediate post-surgery result would look like, how a beard looks after three days of no shaving. The look helps us to estimate the achievement of transplantation.

Generally common complaint of facial hair transplant patients is that transplanted hair sticks out and left from the face to a certain extent than remaining flat next to the skin. Any facial hair gel will resolve this problem, and this does not continue forever. Finally, the new hair follicle will adjust the new environment and the normal shape of a facial hair.